Forklift Class 2 Spreader Bar with Adjustable Tynes 3640mm

Part No: EW-FSA-236

Safely pick up extra wide or flexible loads without the risk of damage to products such as plasterboard, roof sheeting, timber, plaster tubing etc.
$2,490.00 excl GST

Forklift Class 2 Spreader Bar  with Adjustable Tynes 3640mm

Quick release bottom hooks make it very quick and easy to attach and remove from forklift. Clips straight over the tynes onto the forklift carriage
Ideal for transporting long  and flexible products such as plasterboard and timber, leaving minimal unsupported gaps between the packs. 
Forklift Spreader Bar with Adjustable Tynes Specifications
  • Overall Width: 3640mm
  • Unit Weight: 280kg  
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 600mm Load Centre
  • Outer Tynes: 1070mm
  • Suit Class 2 Forklift Carriage
  • Outer tynes are adjustable between 1300mm and 3500mm centres
  • Painted safety orange